Hello, my name is Jamie, and I’m an accidental blogger. In 2013, my husband and I, along with our daughters, embarked upon a three-year overseas military assignment. In order for family and friends to stay abreast of our adventures, this blog was born. What I didn’t expect, was falling in love with traveling and storytelling in the process. The three years we spent in Japan left me forever changed. I came to adore the rich (and sometimes quirky) Japanese culture, the unparalleled, meticulous beauty of every season, and the adventure of exploring a land so different from my own.

Japan was a blessing I never expected, and I am eternally grateful. I’ve found that to be the way the Lord usually works— unexpectedly perfect gifts. (James 1:7)  Unfortunately, I am not a full-time traveler. I did not sell everything to travel the world and blog about it. I am a military spouse and homeschooling mom of two, doing ordinary things with the occasional extraordinary moment.

When our time in Asia came to an end, I grieved the loss of that special chapter, and cried out to the Lord with a broken heart,  “My life’s greatest adventure is over.” Then I heard Him very clearly answer, “What if your life’s greatest adventure is just beginning?” To this promise I cling when the mundane sets in on my adventurous soul.

The pages of this blog are filled with stories from the heart. Stories of life, adventure and finding the hand print of God in the immense and magnificent world He made.

Will you join me?

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