Gonpachi, A.K.A. the "Kill Bill" restaurant?

 Gonpachi is a restaurant in the fashionable Roppongi district of Tokyo, and is apparently best known to westerners, as the “Kill Bill” restaurant. I’ve never seen the movie, so I wouldn’t know, but many famous people have also eaten here,  from George Bush, to Lady Gaga.

Apparently an epic fight scene takes place in the restaurant, not really my type of movie, but loved Gonpachi!

There were many types of seating, I liked how these tables had cushions on the floor to sit on, Japanese style. The sandals are to wear to the bathroom.  

Our food was great. The girls ordered the tempura shrimp and devoured every bite. 

I ordered the grilled yakitori, (chicken). There was also a ground chicken mixture on top of the rice. I really loved this meal!

After lunch, my good friend Kayoko took us to the top of Roppongi Tower to check out the 360* view. 

There was such a beautiful view of Tokyo Tower and the rest of the city.

I loved the view and the company so much that I purchased the souvenir photo! (It is also so nice to have a native Japanese speaker in tow, on an outing!)

A detour through the bakery is always a good idea. 

Many public bathrooms will have these changing boards you can pull down to stand on if you have to change clothes. They think of everything!

This mall also had an automated parking system. 

When you’re ready for your car, an attendant retrieves it for you while you wait. No more aimlessly wandering around a parking lot, looking for your car! This was such a nice feature. 

So, movie or not, I will definitely be returning to Gonpachi!


  1. Amara
    September 30, 2015 / 6:57 am

    So luxurious. When I think of the gas station bathrooms and porta potties I've endured, I think I deserve a chance to experience a Japanese bathroom. The restaurant is beautiful.

  2. Laura
    November 4, 2015 / 2:43 pm

    I want that shrimp!

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