Quirky observations from the Tokyo Disney parks

The Tokyo Disney parks are both familiar and quirky, all at the same time. Disney in Japan is serious business! On our most recent visit to both Disneyland and Disney Sea, I wanted to record some of these differences, so we could always remember them.

First off, there are a couple of great “crowd predictor” websites that pretty accurately predict the crowds to expect on any given day. One of them is in English, but I just really love the google translation of the all Japanese site. I’ve yet to experience “people rattle”, am quite intrigued by “spicy and not familiar” crowds, and “violently congestion”? No, thanks!

Measure of congestion

~ 19999 people rattle
Are quite free people ~ 24999
Vacant people ~ 29999
~ 39999 people Well crowded (accustomed are and usually)
~ 49999 people a little crowded (spicy and not familiar)
~ 59999 people crowded (quite spicy and not familiar)
~ 69 999 people very crowded (note the admission limit)
70000 people – violently congestion (note the admission limit)

This lady needs no introduction in any language!

If you have a motif, stick to it!

As a general rule, more is more.

Stuffed animals of all sizes are routinely carried around,

by young and old. 

The princesses are imported from the States. Eva, very thoughtfully, told me that when she’s older she wants to move to Japan to be Cinderella because “they need more blonde people”. Way to create a niche!

Mr. Incredible gestured that he and Matt were twins.  I can see it!

Ariel lives in a very fancy castle.

And, Cinderella’s isn’t too shabby either.

 In order to get great seating for the parade, go ahead and save your spot early with a tarp and your shopping bags. (These plastic tarps are used frequently in Japan, and are always nice to have on hand.)

Or, your purse on a bench will suffice.

Stroller parking is serious business!

We ate dinner in the ‘New York Deli”, and I ordered the cold cut platter. The description listed egg salad, cold cuts, different cheeses, pickles, veggies, and fries. I’m pretty sure I have never seen anything in a New York deli that even resembles this a little bit. Sometimes, you just never know what you’ll get. The fries, however, they nailed!

Speaking of snacks, the uniquely flavored popcorn stands are all the rage. The cappuccino was my favorite, though this only shows a few flavors that we saw.

You can buy these collectible popcorn buckets for your refills around the park, because, who doesn’t want more stuff to carry?

There are many buckets to choose from, here are Mr. Potato Head and a monster.

The Disneyland is a smaller scale than the States, but has all the favorites.

The “B” team (or “D” team?) characters were the only ones freely roaming the park, everyone else had a special line area for pictures. (Yes, adults will wait over 1 hour to see Donald Duck).

Disney grounds in any country are manicured to perfection, Japan is no exception. This grass was several inches think and so lush.

And the roses? Incredible!

You still get wet on Splash Mountain, and the Fast Pass is still your best friend here. 

Still the “Happiest Place on Earth”? A resounding YES in any language! 


  1. Laura
    July 11, 2015 / 2:23 pm

    Disney is great no matter what! Glad you got good fries. The crowd calendar cracks me up. I'd say Disneyworld was violently congestied with lots of spicy people.

  2. Pamela Cole
    July 16, 2015 / 7:16 pm

    I love it!! I think all Disney is violently conjestion! I think the people rattle sounds worse than the quite free people. Always spicy though!

  3. Amara
    August 3, 2015 / 5:01 am

    Made me smile. What the heck with the stuffed animals? I never understood the attraction of those even as a kid. When we were kids, we would ALWAYS have our popcorn with soy sauce and butter.That's my weird family I guess, but It's so yummy.

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