Toyota City, Japan- Toyota World Headquarters

Our last morning in Kyoto, called for a breakfast at our favorite bakery, Shinshindo, of course.

I absolutely loved this bakery. I got the same breakfast every morning, why mess with perfection? (Side note- if you order bacon in Japan it is rarely cooked. I do miss crisp bacon.)

(Another side note- iced tea here is usually always served with simple syrup, rather than sugar, even at McDonald’s. Such a nice touch, and it blends so much better!)

Next stop, Toyota City, Toyota’s World Headquarters, for a tour of one of the automobile plant’s. On the drive, we saw docks with thousands of cars being driven on to ships, for delivery. I wish I was able to get a picture, it was quite a sight!

We were greeted with this trumpet playing robot. Song selection- “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

We wandered around the small museum while we waited for the tour to begin. There were some interactive exhibits for kids.

Also, a driving simulator. After several wrecks, Ella realized driving may be harder than she thought. I hope she loses her need for speed in about ten years!

I loved these old uniforms from the sixties.

There was a futuristic car area. The girls really wanted one of these! 

And, of course, a showroom! Matt enjoyed sitting in an American sized truck again, and having the steering wheel on the left. After living in Japan for over a year, we are not accustomed to that anymore.

When it was time for the tour, we boarded a bus to head to the Tsutsumi plant, where they assemble Camry and Prius.

We were not able to take photos inside, but this diorama from the museum is very similar to what we saw. A car assembly line in action= fascinating! This plant produces 1,400 cars per day, 700 per shift, using both human and robotic labor.

After the tour, they gave the kids their own model car to assemble.

We drove on to Nagoya, Japan’s third largest city, to spend the night.

Wandering the street around our hotel, we saw some groups of people in costume, and decided to follow them.

More Yosakoi dancers! They were practicing for the festival the next day. So, of course, we watched for a few minutes!

We walked around the park and the main shopping district for the rest of the evening.

The nighttime view from our hotel was awesome.

Also, great reading material in this hotel! Japanese Vogue, GQ,  and some goodies.

Every Japanese hotel, even American chains, (this was a Hilton) will have a yukata and slippers in the room for your use. In many hotels, especially in resort towns, it is perfectly acceptable and appropriate to walk around the hotel and even outside in this, as it signifies relaxation. I stayed in my room, however!

And last but not least, I fell in love with these shutters in the hotel room and want them in my dream home! Close one shade and you let in a soft light, close the other and it is black out. Too bad I can’t buy the view too!

On to our last day of vacation…..

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  1. Amara
    September 16, 2014 / 5:30 am

    Gorgeous shades. I want them too. It boggles the mind that that many cars are produced every day. Who is buying them all? Where is all of the money coming from? Seriously -with so many people (here in the US at least) struggling with home payments, I still see a lot of brand new cars. Crazy consumerism at its best. Not meaning to rant, it just seems like so so many!

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