Miraikan- an exhibit about poop- yes, POOP!

Have you ever wanted to slide into a giant toilet? Or be serenaded by a toilet choir? Then this exhibit is for you! We spent the day, a few weeks ago, at Miraikan, an awesome and very hands on children’s science museum in Tokyo. The special limitied-time-only, engagement was an exhibit all about poop.

You enter the exhibit through a “bathroom” door, of course.

We were greeted with a very upset toilet, saying he will no longer flush given such carelessness of people in the bathroom.

Then examples of how your poop should look, and possible poop troubleshooting.

Then, animal poop. The girls found this very interesting that you could see what the animal ate by looking at the poop.

Then, they got to make their own play-do poop and put it in the toilet. Lol! 

We enjoyed all the diorama’s of how waste was handled during different era’s. The girls decided this was not a good method!

There was also a video game where you helped the statue aim to fill up the can, then Mt. Fuji erupted when you were completely full.

And on to the main attraction! Climbing the giant toilet slide, while wearing poop hats.

Ready, set, go!

Two little s*%#heads! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) This part of the exhibit talked about where the sewage goes after you flush and how a large metropolitan area handles waste. It was interesting. (Yes, there was also a flushing sound as you slid!) 

Also, what happens to sewage and water lines during a natural disaster. This picture was taken shortly after the 2011 tsunami.

And last but not least, we were serenaded by a toilet choir at the end. The angry toilet was now happy again and agreed to flush because we learned about his importance! Whew! Overall, despite the stinky subject matter, the exhibit was very well done, hands on and informative. We enjoyed it.

The jewel encrusted toilet, fit for a queen!

Also, a golden throne!

We spent the rest of the gorgeous afternoon exploring the waterfront area of Odaiba. This is Gundam the robot, a very famous landmark.

We tried the purple sweet potato shake at McDonald’s. Two thumbs up from everyone!

Then on to  Tokyo Bay. The girls loved throwing rocks in the water.

We had fun looking for crabs and other treasures among the rocks.

Found one! 

Tokyo Bay, with Rainbow Bridge in the distance.

Look who we found vacationing in Tokyo?! Lady Liberty. (This is actually one of three statues in Japan. She was originally erected here to commemorate ‘The French Year of Japan,’ as a temporary exhibit in 1999, but by popular demand, she was made permanent in 2000). We enjoyed seeing a small token of home, all the way in Japan.

The perfect end to a wonderful day!


  1. Amara
    October 6, 2014 / 3:23 am

    How did I miss this! Oh my goodness. No words. Poop slide with hats! Just wow.

  2. Amara
    October 6, 2014 / 3:23 am

    Kai is going to love this post — Had to add that on.

  3. Deja
    October 20, 2014 / 6:26 pm

    I'm super late commenting, but wow! Wowwowwow! I love this and am completely weirded out by it all at once. I'm so glad you're sharing all of your wacky adventures.

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