A rainy day trip to the Tokyo Fire Museum

We ventured to the Tokyo Fire Museum with some friends, last week. It was a great rainy day activity and was full of exhibits about Tokyo’s firefighting history. This city has seen some fires!

 The train is always a good time, and we actually got seats! This is Zach and Sienna, our adventure buddies for the day.

Upon entering the building, we were met with a room packed full of firemen, there must’ve been some sort of training or seminar going on. They were thrilled to pose with the kids for a picture, of course. (The saluting was their idea, love it!)

The dress up station was a favorite. 

Also, lots of fire trucks, boats and helicopters to see. 

Some fun with Zach. 

This was a little cartoon about fire, no English though, but the kids watched it intently anyway. Haha! 

Ella especially loved this helicopter simulation. It showed a movie that looked as though you were flying over Japan. This was pretty fun for me too!

Also, a hands on exhibit where you could guide the little fire engine to the building that was on fire. (All the kids picked out which house they would want to live in, totally something I would’ve done as a kid!)

The Japanese love a good photo opportunity. Why not? 

On the final floor there was a craft to make and take home. They folded these cute ambulances into a cube and tied a string to them. After that, it was time to head for home.

Our train stop is connected to a mall that we wander through after adventuring. Today, we stopped at a small shop for a traditional Japanese pancake called taiyaki. Pancake batter is poured into the fish shaped molds, then stuffed with different fillings, most commonly red bean paste, but there are always some sweet or savory choices.

The girls chose the custard filled taiyaki (tasted just like vanilla pudding). They were served warm and were amazing! We were so glad our friend Linda introduced us to this shop. We will be returning very soon! 

The perfect outing for a rainy day!


  1. Amara
    July 24, 2014 / 3:12 pm

    Kai wants one! Have you tried the red bean paste ones? Is it miso? I miss doing little kid museum stuff. My kids are growing too fast!

  2. belann
    July 24, 2014 / 4:05 pm

    Does sound like a perfect outing. Do you suppose the Japanese pancakes are made with rice flour?

  3. Laura
    July 29, 2014 / 4:28 am

    I'm no truer about red bean paste. Love the saluting pictures!

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