The fascinating Tsukiji Fish Market, (the world’s largest)

The Tsukiji Fish market is the world’s largest of it’s kind, and handles over 2,000 tons of sea products per day. It always comes up as a ‘must see’ for visitor’s to Tokyo, so we decided to check it out. (Tsukiji is also featured in the great documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi.) The market sells marine products, and then there are outer markets in the surrounding area that sell fruits, vegetables, flowers, you name it!

We were there relatively late by market standards (9:30 am), but things were still bustling. There were guys zooming about on these trucks, and activity happening all over the place.

The market was enormous and basically consisted of row upon row of marine life for sale.

In the early morning hours there is a tuna auction, which I hear is very interesting, but we didn’t want to wake up at 3:00 am! They auction the entire tuna ( as opposed to the half that is pictured below)and I had a friend say that when she visited, ONE tuna went for $1.7 MILLION dollars. Anyone want to go into the tuna business with me?!

More tuna.

Lots to see.

There was basically fish all over the place in styrofoam bins. The restaurateurs from all over the city come here each day for fish for their restaurants. They tie the bins on motorcycles or bikes and away they go.

The market was still so busy I was kind of surprised they let tourists wander around. While I was lollygagging trying to take a picture, there would be guys right behind me trying to get their truck through. Ooops. You really had to pay attention.

We also saw lots of remnants! Ewww….

We even got to watch a guy clean a fish. The girls liked this.

Next, we moved on to the outer market. It was raining HARD this day, so luckily most of what we wanted to see was inside. The outer market sushi restaurants are rumored to have the best sushi in the world, but also very pricey, so we skipped it for today.

Not sure what this soup was, but it looked amazing.

This is a pretty typical Japanese restaurant. Just a few seats, counter style.

There were lots of vendors selling different things. I would like to go back when it is not raining to get a more thorough look at everything.

One vendor gave the girls some dried fish to try, they liked them.

Ahhh, the story of Ella’s shoes. I let the girls pack for themselves for the first time and Ella did not like hearing any of my reminders. (“I know, I know, I heard you the first time, mom”.) Needless to say, she forgot her walking shoes (and pj’s) and had to walk around the wet fish market, not to mention walking morning to night for three solid days in Tokyo, in sandals. (We actually did try to find shoes for her, but that is difficult in downtown Tokyo.) But, I love this kid, she did not even one time complain about her feet hurting. In fact she said “It’s my fault, I’ll just have to deal with it”. And she did!

We spent the remainder of the day exploring Tokyo Station. There are many levels of stores and restaurants. A perfect rainy day activity.

A cool shrine that we passed on the way back to the hotel.

The hotel hot tub felt great that night after a cold rainy day, especially to Ella’s feet!!!

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  1. Laura
    June 13, 2014 / 3:33 am

    Ella truely is exceptional! Fish market looks stinky!!!

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