The Azalea Festival, Nezu Shrine

We have a great TV news station here called NHK World, it is all in English and reminds me a lot of the  BBC. One of their featured stories was about the Azalea Festival that happens every April at Nezu Shrine. It looked so amazing I just had to check it out. It did not disappoint!

There was an entire hillside full of azalea bushes. Breathtaking!

This is just another example of how well the Japanese plan for beauty in each season.

There was a row of torii gates. I am amazed we got a picture without other people in it on such a busy day!

After enjoying the beauty of the azaleas, we walked around the grounds of the shrine. This is the gate before the actual temple.

 Nezu Shrine was established in 1705, and many people were lined up to worship. (I am not sure if this is the original structure, or reconstructed after the war.)

They write down prayers on these wooden ornaments or on a piece of paper and tie them to this fence.

Always lots of beautiful scenery around.

Next, we happened upon the vendor stalls. Most of them sold food, but many sold trinkets, as well.

We loved this guy with the Yankee’s cap on. He spoke great English and was very friendly. He was making little pancake balls (not sure of the correct name) in this special cooker, we bought a dozen.

I guess you could say they are similar to donut holes, but not as sweet.

My little ladies.

One of our favorite things to do while adventuring is just walk random little streets in the city and see what we can see.

This girl was handing out flyers of some sort, but was happy to pose for a picture.

The 7-11’s here have an amazing assortment of bento, or boxed lunch, and they are incredibly fresh. The girls got a corn dog for the road.

Ella and Eva loved this little car. It was Eva sized and had room for only a driver, no passengers. They wanted it badly!

I just never get sick of seeing this!

And, finally, another train selfie on the ride home. Such a fun day!

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  1. Laura
    May 5, 2014 / 3:27 am

    Love that train selfie. The girls are just perfect ages for being adventure buddies. The Azaelas are breathtaking and should be a postcard!

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