Inokashira Koen, and a hidden gem!

Today we headed back to the fun neighborhood of Kichijoji, to the Inokashira Koen (park). This is the bike parking at the train station and it goes on forever. There are similar bike lots all over Tokyo, even bike parking garages!

The park was a beautiful green oasis in the city. It still amazes me how much green you can find in the largest city in the world. This was such a beautiful spring day too, just absolutely perfect weather!

We happened upon a tiny zoo in this park, truly a hidden gem. Children were free and I paid only ¥300 ($3.00) for myself. Such a bargain! There was a small bird aviary, aquarium, and some native to Japan animals.

There were also little stamp stations around the grounds that you could collect. The girls loved this.

But, the hands down favorite attraction was the guinea pig petting area. There was a large bin full of guinea pigs and you could choose one to hold.

They didn’t want to leave!

Two little animals!

At the back of the zoo was a tiny amusement park area, each ride cost ¥100 ($1), still an amazing deal for Tokyo.

There was also an enclosed cage that you could walk into, with Japanese squirrels. They were running around all over the place and so fun to watch.

Also, lots of nice exhibits, but language was a problem for us.

Next we came to the play area. Yes, the seesaw is alive and well in Japan, danger and all!

After the zoo, we continued to walk the grounds of the park.

And there seems to always be a shrine. The red color is so vibrant and beautiful!


Hanging out at the koi pond.

The girls were desperate to rent a swan boat. Maybe next time.

This guy was doing magic tricks, so we stopped to watch on the walk back to the train station.

We rode home in the first car of the train. It was interesting to watch the driver, and see the view from the front window.

A very enjoyable, (and cheap) adventure for this lovely spring day!

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  1. Laura
    May 18, 2014 / 2:37 pm

    Emma would be in heaven holding a guinea pig! Looks like a fun place. Swan boats would be a blast!

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