Changi Airport, a great way to spend your birthday. Seriously!!

Time to leave Thailand and get back to Singapore. This was also Eva’s 6th Birthday. After breakfast we caught a cab to the Krabi Airport. (Coincidentally, Eva threw up her breakfast two days in a row, bad breakfast?! Also, Ella got a dose of motion sickness on the cab ride and almost threw up in the cab! Whew!- the girls have been referring to it as “emotional sickness”, Haha!).

 Air Asia planes are very small. My knees were touching the seat in front of me!

The flight attendants were also selling Air Asia merchandise. Yes….people were buying this stuff!

We landed at the Singapore Changi Airport, now let the fun begin. This airport is beyond awesome, we spent 5 hours here, BY CHOICE!

We grabbed some lunch at a local Singapore chain, Killiney Kopitiam.

This lunch was their specialty. Soft boiled eggs, perfectly toasted bread with butter and kaya (coconut jam), and coffee or tea. I choose the tea and it was the best, creamiest tea I’ve ever had! Of course, I guess it does help to add sweetened condensed milk!

After lunch, let the exploring begin! There were play areas for kids,

and a  playhouse.

Lots of outside green areas….

including a fantastic cactus garden with a rooftop bar.

And a sunflower garden.

A fancy mall with hundreds of top of the line stores.

Different TV areas, each side had a different programming, like kid shows, news, sports, etc.

Also, a large sports screen showing a current soccer game.

Even a real movie theater!

Plenty of video game stations too.

A sleep area that was out of the way and hidden behind greenery.

A rooftop pool and bar, yes that’s right, a POOL! This was one of the few things that required an extra charge, but still not bad, especially if you had lots of time to kill.

Private baby feeding and changing rooms.

Free foot massagers throughout. They were amazing too!

Lots of free internet, wifi and charging stations.

There were many beautiful indoor greenery areas, too.

This was the secret garden.

And, the orchid garden.

  Yes, even a butterfly garden!

There were these neat craft stations that you could rub shapes on to your paper with crayons.

You could book this hotel for overnight or for a few hours to take a nap, shower, laundry etc. 

There was a full gym, as well.

This was a porcelain exhibit.

You could even sign up for a free city tour, if you had enough time.

There was a 4 story slide, that is supposedly very fast. Ella, my thrill-seeker, wasn’t impressed. She said she was expecting something faster. Oh well, you can’t win them all!

So, there you have it. (Why don’t other airports have even a few of these amenities?)  Yes, the Changi Airport was a TERRIFIC way to spend a birthday. If I am ever stuck while traveling again, PLEASE let it be at the Changi Airport. (I kind of wanted to live here!)   And that ALMOST concluded our trip. That evening, we found out that the Wednesday flight, was again canceled (the snow removal had ruined the lighting on the runway) and the next flight out would be Friday. ARGHHH! We spent the next two days very low key at the hotel pool, and finally got out on Friday! So, that is how a five day trip turned into a 12 day “Money Pit” trip!

The beautiful sunset over Tokyo Bay. 

We’re back home. And now I ask myself……Why was I in such a hurry?!

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  1. Laura
    March 5, 2014 / 4:42 am

    I have spent my fair share of time in airports just waiting. Why oh why couldn't ATL have been like this?

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