A Japanese St. Patrick’s Day Parade

On St. Patrick’s Day, we heard that Harajuku was hosting “Asia’s largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade”, and decided we should check this out. I wasn’t really expecting much, given the number of Irish settlers here, but Japan stepped up! This parade was along the Omotesando, a high end shopping district in Harajuku.

This is the Irish Ambassador.

We loved the all-Japanese bagpipe band, kilts and all.

Japanese, Irish dancers. These ladies were beginners, and a lot of them about my age. I absolutely love seeing adults learn new things!

The Irish Setter club was a favorite, but I usually only see small dogs in Tokyo.

Of course, they were dressed to kill!

The US Army Band Japan participated with good ‘ol American march music. That definitely put a lump in my throat! I wish I got a better pic, this was them warming up.

The girls loved the leprechauns!

Eva loved getting this sticker from a parade participant. It was also very funny when someone walking in the parade stopped to take OUR picture. Haha!

The U2 fan club. Is this a stretch?

Twirling is alive and well in Tokyo, even for boys!

This was an actual Irish dancer in Tokyo with a touring show. She was fabulous!

The Where’s Waldo gang? I don’t think getting approved to walk in the parade was too difficult!

Also, some Japanese flair. This group was from Okinawa.

And every St. Patrick’s Day Parade has a dragon, right?! This was the finale.

Next, we walked to the Irish festival at the park. (Also, a return of our favorite bear Duffy!)

There was a great Irish band and dancers performing at the park. It is kind of funny when the singer is speaking to the crowd and finally says “Can anyone out there even understand us…..”, and there are only a few claps. Haha! Well, the crowd DID enjoy the music.

What’s a festival without face painting?

We ran right in to the Where’s Waldo gang. Of course, they would LOVE to get their picture taken!

On the walk back to the train station we passed a nice girl with two big parrot’s. She was very happy to let the girls hold them. 

The Tokyo St. Patrick’s Day celebration was a nice surprise. We will be back again next year!

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