Goodbye Batam, Hello (again) Singapore

After another breakfast with an amazing view, we said goodbye to Batam. The girls enjoyed finding flowers on the ground and using them as hair accessories.

The durian (remember the stinky durian fruit?) elephant in the lobby. 

The ferry ride back to Singapore. (We later found out that there was a much closer ferry port to the hotel. We could have skipped the scary 50 minute cab ride. Oh well, that’s how you learn!) 

When we got back to Singapore and got settled into the Navy Lodge, we headed to Little India for some lunch at Banana Leaf Apollo. This is one of the best Indian meals I have ever had! 

You eat the food right off of a banana leaf.

Then we just walked around the harbor front area. 

You know I always love to see a bride!

The Singapore skyline. 

Our Singapore selfie.

We happened upon a children’s dance group rehearsing for an upcoming show and sat down to watch for awhile. There were lots of festivities going for Lunar New Year.

We walked all the way around the bay to see the Merlion close up. 

All of a sudden, we heard the familiar shrieks of “kawaii”! Sure enough, some Japanese students, on a school trip, were asking for pictures with the girls. Haha! I loved it! And found it so funny that they were Japanese. We felt right at home. 

This is the Fullerton Hotel, another very fancy and historic European hotel in the area. 

A neat sculpture by the water.

On our way home we grabbed some pau (pork buns) from a small place at the train station. There is always a long line! 

We also like to stop at this tiny bakery called Mugiya, to get these sweet buns on the way home.

On to Part 3, the day we THOUGHT would be our last day in Singapore…….

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