Another great Japanese park

We decided to stay closer to home today and check out a Japanese park we refer to as the “obstacle course park”, and also a shrine that we had passed a few times. The shrine and torii gates are the most beautiful, vibrant red. I really enjoy the use of red in Asian architecture!

We initially thought that the pagoda was all there was to see at this shrine, but we were pleasantly surprised to find so much more exploring could be done! There was a long staircase with a dragon running along the top.

There were lots of different statues to look at. 

Also, beautiful buildings. I am not sure the purpose for all of these. 

The kids never pass up a photo op! 

This area had hundreds of little idols(?) with gifts and flowers laid among them.

The intricate woodwork of the buildings cannot be fully captured by a camera! 

This was a staircase leading to the cemetery.

Another view of the pagoda.

This is the very large torii gate at the entrance. 


Our next stop was the obstacle course park. Japan has the most amazing parks! They are innovative and unique. Why do we try to wrap every child in a protective safety bubble in the US? (Probably because we have become a culture of petty lawsuits….but that is another story!) This park was so fun, there were at least 20 different obstacles to get through, before the end. Here are the kids balancing on the see-saws.

There were swinging logs to cross. 

A moving log staircase. 

And a zip line, just to name a few. I didn’t get pics of everything, the kids were moving too quickly! 

The obstacle course culminates at a giant (and very fast) slide. This was a huge favorite! I can’t even count how many times the kids climbed these steep stairs.

We will be back! 

On the way back to the car we passed a group of Japanese school students. They always get very excited seeing the American kids and wave and say “hall-o” (hello). The Japanese kids giggle and get very happy when our kids answer back. I kept hearing one kid say “see-ya” over and over again. Funny! 

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