Singapore Zoo- the world’s BEST rainforest zoo!

While researching our trip, the Singapore Zoo kept coming up as a top attraction. Not being much of a zoo person, I told Matt that I would only go if it was the world’s best zoo. Well, when I googled the zoo it indeed said “the world’s best rainforest zoo”! Ha! So, we decided we had to see it. I am SO glad

we did! We loved everything about this day!

This was the view from my room upon waking. How can it not be a great day?! 

We attended the Breakfast at the Zoo event. This was a breakfast buffet and a meet and greet with the orangutan’s. They talked about the animals and we got some photo ops. Awesome! 

The orangutans are literally, right behind us, not in a glass enclosure. They were busy eating their sunflower seeds and sugar cane.

The only way to poach a baby orangutan in the wild is to kill its mother.

So sweet!

The girls got brave and held the snake too!

Ella had been dying to volunteer in a show. She finally got her chance! The man jokingly asked if she could swim and she said “Oh yeah, THAT’S not a problem!” Haha! I think she really would have swam with that seal, too, if given the chance! She dropped Matt’s watch into the water and the seal brought it back to her. She loved the applause!

Next was the elephant show. They showed how the elephants work together to build things.  

It was quite thrilling to see these tropical animals in their natural habitat. This is exactly how I would picture seeing this magnificent animal in the wild!

The girls always love their picture taken! 

There was a nice polar bear viewing area.

This zoo had a “feeding trail”, so all day long we saw different animals being fed. There would also be a host telling you information about the animals. We really learned a lot about the diets of each animal by following the feeding trail.  I have never seen animals so active!  

King of the Jungle.

Apparently this zoo is one of a kind in its layout. There are no visible cages for the animals, just use of water moats and foliage. I have never been so close to the animals!  

Such a beautiful backdrop for the giraffes.

The pygmy hippos.

The orangutans were called “free range” at this zoo. They don’t really have an enclosure at all, just spikes at the bottom of certain trees to keep them in an area. From the path, you could look up and see them hanging from trees overhead. So fun!

There was also a “tree house” type platform to view them from a higher spot. 

My own monkey’s!  

My favorite of the entire day… the baboons, ninety of them! And they were so much fun to watch, we went back a couple of different times!

At the end of the day the girls played in this spray park for a while. A nice way to cool down after a very hot, but fun day! 

So, from a non-zoo person, the Singapore Zoo gets two BIG thumbs up! That concluded our trip to Singapore, but we cannot wait to return!

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  1. Heather Estridge
    December 14, 2013 / 1:00 pm

    That looks way fun! Love that Ella was in the show 🙂

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