Sentosa Island, Singapore

Our second day in Singapore was spent at Sentosa Island. You can actually walk to this island across a big bridge, or take the train- it is very close. The girls were wanting to see the beach and play in the sand.

This was the view of the island, from the mainland. 

Before heading over, we stopped for lunch at Marche, a Swiss chain. It was basically like a Whole Foods snack bar on steroids. They boast very fresh, organic ingredients. I chose the salad bar, and it was heavenly! It is very hard to get salad, of any kind, in Asia. 

Eva had a chicken pizza, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Ella chose chicken and broccoli pasta. This lunch was a nice change from Asian food for us.

This was the bridge to the island. 

We called Sentosa Island the “Las Vegas” of Singapore. VERY touristy and not exactly what we had in mind. For example, there was Universal Studios, Chili’s, Hard Rock Café, etc. The girls liked the candy trees, though.

There was also a Hershey store.  Yes, this could be “Any Mall, USA”.

I was looking for the Merlion, the symbol of Singapore, when we decided to come here. I found out that this is “A” Merlion, not “THE” Merlion. (More on that later…) 

The “Las Vegas” version of the Merlion. 

We finally made it to the beach. This part was nice! 

We just had to do a beach selfie!

We all loved wading in the water.

The girls loved digging. Next time we will plan to just stay at the beach for the day. 

Next we visited the butterfly and bird museum on the island. 

Also, an iguana! 

There was a tram that took you from the island back to the mainland. It was about a 5 minute ride, but we enjoyed the view. 

You can see the tram cars in the background. 

Now, back on the mainland, we headed over to the bay area for a bumboat tour. (The girls snicker every time they hear the word ‘bumboat”, haha!) A bumboat is a small water taxi, the name originally comes from the Dutch word “boomschuit”, or, tree boat.

This is the river front area, very charming! 

Inside the boat there was a video playing to point out famous landmarks, but we wanted to sit outside and soak in the scenery.

This is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, at the top is the longest infinity swimming pool in the world. We didn’t make it to the top this time, but that is definitely on our list for next time! 

Finally! THE Merlion!

The clouds look very menacing in this picture. Though December is the start of the rainy season in Singapore, it only sprinkled on us a total of about 20 minutes the entire trip. Maybe we got lucky! 

Our last day in Singapore, coming soon…….

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