A Japanese farm and Sushi-Chu

We had the opportunity to visit a Japanese farm today with the other pharmacists from the hospital. This area of land was sectioned off and different families owned plots.  I really had no idea how many different vegetables are unique to Japan.Japanese farm

A daikon, is a very large radish.

 Kobayashi-san, the very generous owner of this plot of land, helped the girls pick the ripe vegetables.

Also, kabu (turnips).

A very big hakusai (cabbage). 

When we were there, a very kind neighbor came running over with gifts for the girls. A braided bread Christmas wreath and a little container of Japanese bread (it was very egg-y tasting). The Japanese are very gracious and generous people like that! 

Yet another neighbor came over with tangerines to share. Yum! 

After visiting the farm we went to lunch at Sushi-Chu restaurant. It is a family owned restaurant and the family grows all the produce for their restaurant on the property. Our friend, who organized this outing, is teaching this family English. They were able to practice on us and they did great! (As a side note, I have a new found respect for people who have learned a different language as an adult. I am learning Japanese and it is VERY difficult). The restaurant had an 800 year old bar, (I wish I got a picture! )and also these separate rooms for dining.

This was our first experience with Japanese style dining in a tatami room with pillow seating! 

We ordered the lunch set, which was a five course meal. I am not a very adventurous eater, so this was a good way to do it for me. I tried lots of things that I would NEVER had ordered if I was choosing myself. The first course included some amazing carrot soup!

Matt was lucky to have the wall to lean against! Sitting on a pillow for 2 hours was difficult for me! The girls had tempura shrimp and rice, but tried almost everything we had and liked a lot of it.

The sashimi was so fresh, it has no fishy taste or smell at all.

This is typical Japanese sushi, the rolls are not as common. The one on the right was an egg sushi and was very good. It was sweet, kind of reminded me of french toast.

The dessert was fruit in a gel (like Jell-O) and some Japanese yogurt. I was surprised that I liked everything so much, even the octopus! It had a texture similar to beef, which I wasn’t expecting.

This was our room, after the meal. It looks exactly how I pictured a Japanese restaurant to look! The servers brought in each course, knelt to the ground, served everyone on their knees, and got back up. They did this over and over again during the course of the lunch. Talk about a work out!

We will definitely return! 

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  1. Sabrina Bodine
    January 3, 2014 / 2:33 am

    Oh man this would be heaven! Well, all except the sitting on the floor. I hate being on the floor! I teach music classes to young kids and I'm up and down on the floor non-stop. I already put a hole in my jeans just after 3 weeks! Keep posting! I'm living vicariously through you and your amazing family!

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