Nippara Limestone Caverns and amazing fall foliage!

 This week, we went to Nippara Limestone Caverns in Nippara, about 1 hour from where we live.The girls were very excited for this cave exploring adventure!  The fall foliage was at its peak this week, making for very beautiful scenery. This is a small shrine near the entrance to the cave.

The cave was cold inside (50 degrees) and had LOTS of stairs, both up, and down. The passages were very narrow at times!

There was a very large cavern in the middle of the cave.

Here is the whole gang.

The scenery outside the cave was my favorite!

When I thought of Japan, I only pictured the city. I had no idea there was so much “country” here!

The fall season is very long, the leaves don’t usually peak until late November. The weather has also been spectacular, sunny and mid 60’s.   

Of course we needed an ice cream break!

Japan is such a beautiful country!

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