A yellow Black Friday

Since Thanksgiving is not a Japanese holiday, today was a different Black Friday for me. Rather than hitting the mall, we ventured into Tokyo to Icho Namiki, or “Gingko Avenue”, to see the gingko trees at their peak fall colors. 146 gingko trees line the street of this particular area and the leaves are the most beautiful, vibrant, yellow this time of year.

It looked like a yellow “winter wonderland”. They don’t clean up the leaves until they are all down. (Gingko nuts, however, are quite stinky! We have a tree in our backyard and they smell like you stepped in dog do-do!)

The trees are also pruned into a point. It looks like a bunch of Christmas trees!

Tommy is always a comedian!

Also, a lovely day to walk a dog….or a ferret!

 This little dog was gathering quite a crowd of photographers, funny! I must admit, he was a very patient model!

I just had to get a picture of this cute little guy. He was throwing quite a fit! Toddler’s all speak the same language, don’t they?!

Japan in the fall is amazing! Beautiful weather and scenery.

We stopped at the Kit Kat store in Tokyo station on the way home. Japan has some very unique Kit Kat flavors and they are quite popular. Here are; wasabi, rum-raisin, azuki (red bean paste) sandwich, Shinshu Apple, hot Japanese chili. There were many more!

This was the train on the ride home- PACKED!!

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