The Shibuya Scramble!

We went to Shibuya a few nights ago to see the famous Shibuya Scramble, which is said to be the worlds busiest intersection. At peak times, nearly 1,000 people cross the street on any given light. We wanted to go in the evening to get the full effect of the lights and “Times Square” atmosphere. (The movie “Lost in Translation”, was also filmed here.)

The famous Shibuya 109 department store. This is a very trendy and hip area with the younger crowd.

We enjoyed wandering the surrounding neighborhoods.

The girls and I in the center of the crossing.

This is a monument to the dog, Hachiko, a famous Japanese legend. This dog faithfully waited at the Shibuya station everyday for his owner to return from work. When his owner died, Hachiko kept returning to the station everyday for 10 years, until his own death. It is now a very popular meeting and picture taking spot.

A cool view at dusk.

We headed up to a big Starbucks for a better view.

Guess who?! (If you don’t get this reference, read about our day at Disney Sea!) 🙂

Shibuya was exactly how I always pictured Tokyo. Lights, crowds and flash. But, that really is just a small part of what Tokyo has to offer!

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  1. Jeff Jonsson
    October 17, 2013 / 4:06 pm

    Ooh, what I wouldn't give to go to Akihabara. If you don't know what that is, look it up. It's the big electronics shopping district in Tokyo. They have so much stuff that's not available in the states it's ridiculous.

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