The incredible Tokyo DisneySea Resort

We spent our second day at Tokyo DisneySea resort. This was similar to the California Adventure park in Anaheim. There were different sea themes throughout, ie; the Mediterranean, a mermaid lagoon, New York harbor, etc.

Here is the volcano and Mediterranean village.

We finally met a character! Not many walking around in either park.

The girls loved the underground Ariel’s kingdom.

Waiting for the Indiana Jones ride.

A very cute show full of characters!

The New York harbor area.

Toy Story mania!

We also saw a fabulous broadway style revue in the New York area, called Big Band Beat. This show was the highlight of my trip! It was big band songs, to a live band, and American singers. Lots of tap dancing, swing and familiar songs! LOVED it!

The story of Duffy…..where do I begin?  Duffy is a handmade teddy bear made by Minnie, and given to Mickey before his long voyage at sea, or so the story goes.

The bear never quite took off in the states, but is HUGE over here! People were carrying around bears of all sizes! There were people of all ages carrying around bears, as well, not just teens. I have never seen anything quite like it! (Yes, bear costumes, too)!

Men had them too!


I really almost laughed out loud when I saw the Duffy photo shoots, though.

There were very long lines to meet and greet with Duffy, and his girl counter part, Shelly Mae. One lady was almost in tears meeting this one. (I am getting scolded for taking the pic without standing in the line, oops!)

So, of course, I had to buy a Duffy bear as a souvenir! 🙂 (But, NOT as an addition to my purse!)

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