Meiji Jingu Shrine, in the heart of Harajuku

Today the girls and I visited Meiji Jingu Shrine for our Adventure Friday outing. The shrine is a Shinto shrine in honor of Emperor Meiji, and his wife. The original building was destroyed in WWII, but reconstructed shortly thereafter. This is the main gate, called a torii. There is then a very long, lovely, tree-lined walkway to the actual shrine.

The girls and I at the entrance.

Casks of sake and wine are donated as offerings every year.

The sake.

The wine.

Entrance to the shrine courtyard.

Taking a break.

The shrine courtyard.

You can write a prayer on a wooden card and hang it on these hooks.

The main shrine. Pictures were not allowed inside.

There was a traditional Shinto wedding going on, which we enjoyed seeing. This bride  was having a photo shoot done.

The grooms traditional dress.

In contrast, we also saw a very modern bride.

And last, but not least, a bride somewhere in between! We saw this couple on our way back to the train station in busy and fashionable Harajuku. They were nice enough to let me snap a photo!

They were also having photo shoot done.

The train ride home, with friends.

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