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Every department store in Japan has a grocery store in the basement. Today I visited Isetan, a very upscale department store in Tachikawa. The grocery area reminded me of Harrod’s in London, very upscale and fancy. The fruits were packaged fit for royalty, as were the prices! This pack of three apples was the equivalent of $8.

The grapes were enormous and perfect ($6 for 1 bunch)!

A huge pile of seaweed.

VERY fresh seafood. The fish is just sitting out, unwrapped. You can have the portion you want cut for you as you wait.

This area would be similar to the deli in American grocery stores.

The meat counter was amazing. The beef on the top left was $32 per 4 oz. I hope it is good!

Counter after counter of pretty confections. The Japanese always pay very careful attention to detail. Everything always looks wonderful!

French macaroons in many colors.

Very fancy cakes.

A phenomenal looking (and smelling) bakery. I was very surprised to learn that the Japanese really love pastries. There is a fancy French bakery on almost every corner in Tokyo and they are PACKED!

You select the items you want with the tongs in this bin, then you lay them on the bare tray. This is customary everywhere in Tokyo, and took some getting used to. The cashier then transfers your items to a plate or sack. The baked goods are always just out in the open, not behind glass.

My personal favorite!

I don’t think I will be shopping here for staples anytime soon, but it is very fun to look!

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  1. Laura
    September 17, 2013 / 4:14 am

    I love all those pastries!

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