Imperial Palace

Today we took our first train ride into Tokyo to find the Imperial Palace. It took about an hour from Fussa, and was standing room only for the first half of the trip! We rode all the way to Tokyo station, which is the end of the line, and an ENORMOUS train station. We could have spent the entire day there exploring the shops and restaurants. The outside of the building is a beautiful red brick, Victorian façade.

The girls thought this WAS the palace.

We walked a few blocks and came to the Imperial Palace grounds.

The grounds were nice, but the palace was no Versailles! Apparently, they only open the gates to the actual palace grounds every January 2nd. So, we were not able to see much.

The original moat still surrounds the area.

My favorite pic of the day!

Stopping for a rest.

On our way back to the station, we passed this neat fountain courtyard.

They LOVE Hello Kitty over here! The girls liked this bus. There was also a giant stuffed Hello Kitty as a passenger on the bus.

The back side of Tokyo station. A much more modern look than the front!

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