Designer dogs!?!

Ella and Eva love to look in this fancy pet store for designer dogs, when we go to the mall (yes, another mall trip)! The big front windows show the dogs for sale. I like how it is arranged more like a front room, rather than individual cages. Kids are lined up to watch the dogs play!

There are HUNDREDS of clothing choices, I have never seen anything like it! (Come to think of it, even our local “Home Depot” type store has a very large pet clothing section.)

 Here is the bling section…..

The nautical section……

And, yes, even doggie kimono’s!

The best part is this fitting station, complete with a mirror for your dog to admire their new outfit! (Also, clean-up materials, in case of an accident!)

This is the dog salon for pampering and grooming.

The best part is, you can even buy a fancy gourmet meal for your dog! Don’t forget the drink!

Or maybe a special treat?

The back of the store has a fenced in dog run for doggie play dates. Who could ask for anything more?!

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